5 Lebanese Street Food You Should Try Once

The best way for you to experience the taste of Lebanon is to experience the street vendors style. The food served at these stands has been a part of our society for thousands of millennia. It’s not a surprise that people are enthralled by the food in the summer months in which everything is fresh. From flowers on sale nearby or vendors selling their goods everywhere, or even just sitting around an open flame pit, sharing stories with starry skies there really isn’t anything better than tasting what local cooks can give you.

Shish Kebabs

The most well-known Lebanese shish kebab is made from lamb, which has been marinated with a mix consisting mainly of garlic, salt, pepper, and other spices. After being skewered, it’s served with vegetables such as capsicum or onions; mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, it’s then cooked to perfection. These portable meals are great to take on the go and are the perfect accompaniment to summer barbecues. Make sure to include salads so everyone can enjoy the food.


Shawarma sandwiches are delicious. The sandwich is made of thinly cut marinated meat, which is then slow-roasted onto the skewer vertically for several hours. It is served perfectly with your choice of lamb or chicken sauces as well as tomato onion pickles and tahini sauce.

These sandwiches are delicious! They are available anywhere, regardless of whether there isn’t an “ifice” outside the doors. This kind of pita-based food is well-known all over the world and is particularly popular in Arab countries like Lebanon. It originated back in the days of farmers who sold their produce at markets instead of farming.


Falafel wraps will become your new favorite food item, no matter if you’re vegetarian or vegan, or looking for a delicious meal. These chickpea fried balls consist of chickpeas, spices such as cumin and coriander together with garlic chili powder. Then, they are shaped into small conesprior to being wrapped in pita. This is a delicious food for breakfast, lunch or for dinner.


Kebbeh is Lebanon’s national meal and has been enjoyed over the years for many thousands of years. It is made with burghul, which is a kind of broken wheat, chopped onions and ground meat, usually lamb. It could also contain other types of meat like chicken or beef. The ingredients are incorporated well and then cooked until golden brown.


Kheer bandooki is described as a meat lover’s dream. This tasty street food contains ground lamb, beef, or chicken that has been perfectly seasoned and transformed into cigar-shaped cylindrical cylinders before being cooked in a flame using skewers. This means you can eat them straight off the skewer or wrap your “kafta” (as they’re referred to) with pita bread with salad ingredients of choice whatever remains after eating those succulent pickles of dill.

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