Sadaqah Jariyah: Charity In Islam

Islam is a way of teaching us that there are numerous ways to give , and to be given rewards. Sadaqah Jariyah is a way to give back. It’s a form of charity that is given even after receiving a reward. If you plant seeds that will grow into trees, they will offer shade during hot summer days as well as warmth in winter. This implies that your acts of kindness won’t end in an moment, but will last for a lifetime as their fruit will continue to provide nourishment for a long time into the future.

Jariyah jariyah, one of the Arabic word meaning charity is referred to as Jariyah. There are many types jiraiyas that can be supported and we’ve chosen five examples to show how. We hope that these examples will motivate you to give more sadaqah.

The process of sponsoring a child or orphan

Millions of children today are not educated, and many more have not had the required skills to be successful. It’s unfortunate as those children will never realize the value of education. We can help them achieve their goals by offering quality early childhood development programs that provide crucial foundations for being able to see the world from different perspectives and the ways in which they are appreciated.

It is imperative that we collaborate to ensure that the next generation have better lives than the ones we enjoy currently.

People’s contributions to their future generations are usually not remembered. But, it could contribute to prosperity and success for everyone. When you sponsor a child, you will ensure that they are granted access to education that will give them valuable knowledge should they wish to follow to pursue this route later on in the road. This is why the impact of your sponsorship far-reaching than just those who get assistance through child sponsorship programs.

Education / Skills/ Teaching / Spreading Awareness Of Islam

Islam is a religion that rewards those who spread knowledge. As Muslims, we are responsible for the other Muslims. It is our duty to share the correct information about Islam with people around the world in order to allow them to enjoy the benefits of God’s love through prayer and other means. Helping someone learn to comprehend and read the Holy Quran will bring you satisfaction. Every time your student repeats or teaches someone else his/her mantras, they will both be learning. Do good works instead of just dying one day.

Construction of a Water Well

Imagine living in a society in which there’s no water supply that is safe and clean. It’s not easy to access the most basic of daily necessities, but what if you weren’t able to get it? It would be impossible to go about your normal routine and perform everything important from taking proper care of yourself or working in a field where proper hygiene is essential (think health care). This is even more complicated when you consider that many of the countries in developing don’t have the funds to sustain themselves. They heavily rely on international aid, which can often come with very little exchange.

Participating in the Construction of the Construction of a Mosque or School, or Hospital

Many people of faith decide to give to a mosque or school to gain significant rewards. You could also donate your time and money for the building of an orphanage. This can help those who are in need. This is an instance that illustrates how giving back can be more satisfying than purchasing material things and all the prayer points.

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