Save Yemen From Being Wiped Off The Map

Yemen is in a state of humanitarian crisis. The world’s most deadly cholera outbreak has killed thousands and caused tens of thousands more ill, while hunger strikes continue throughout the country as the people peacefully protest their oppression by government forces , who are accused of launching unrestrained bombing operations against rebel-held regions with no consideration for civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen has 16 million people in constant hunger. The health system in Yemen is in fact broken due to seven years of conflict. There’s no better place to seek help other than home, dead or alive. COVID19 victims are starving due to the lack of medical resources to treat them. They’re too distracted fighting each other rather than focussing on saving their lives.

The country’s poor conditions have made it an ideal breeding site for HIV-related sexual transmission. There are four million people who have no place to call home, and they can’t even fill up their stomachs due to the rising cost of food even as wages remain low. there isn’t enough money for the basic necessities like clean water and healthcare! This is why it will be extremely difficult to stop this pandemic without assistance from overseas. However, we must to act fast before it’s too to late.

The Yemenite people are fighting the spreading of Cholera for quite a while and are not fully out-of danger just now. There may be some hope through international organizations like Save The Children America and World Vision UK supporting them along COVID-19.

How Welfare Trusts can be used to help Yemenis

In the midst of massive suffering the welfare trusts have helped millions with lifesaving water and food. They also supply COVID-19 health kits as well to help in avoiding infection by this virus that has killed numerous people in Yemen already.

Over the past few years, Welfare trusts have been working tirelessly in Yemen to assist those who are most in need. They continue to deliver humanitarian aid in the most difficult situations where they face conflict and difficulty reaching their desired locations which is one reason why there’s the need for international agencies similar to them.

In a time where many people are struggling to make ends meet and are struggling to make ends meet, we’re grateful that there’s help to those in need. Its aim is to aid people get out of poverty by working in partnership with local partner organizations and providing food, cash and other essential supplies.

The generous donors who donate their time and funds for this cause have provided women in Yemen an opportunity to regain optimism. A welfare trust, maternity hospitals are supported by generous donations so that pregnant women can deliver their babies without facing health risks or water deficiency during labor. Rehabilitation centers provide post-birth treatment that includes providing medication if required as well as psychological support before mothers can return to the world again.

Many welfare trusts have started giving hygiene kits to families in makeshift camps. They also deliver safe water to schools and hospitals as a reaction.

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