Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Designers and developers are beginning to build more websites that have focus on mobiles since the majority of revenue now is generated by mobile devices. In order to ensure excellent UX on smaller screens, it is vital for designers/developers in the field of web design or development to be proficient in creating them since they will be essential when designing an app-based site which needs special attention given its limited space; this will require fast loading times, as many people go straight onto their mobiles to check their emails during lunchtime.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers are a time for flowers, which is why we’re seeing the trend of rounded edges and more vibrant colours on web pages. Like elements of design, like form input or profile avatars backgrounds have also evolved out of 90 degrees angles. This has created interest with interesting perspectives that will keep your customers engaged for longer than ever before. Making sure your website aligns well within current trends helps build trust between you and potential customers allowing them not just to purchase from you but to also recommend your products to boost sales by a significant amount.

More Animations and Interactions

Thanks to advancements in web technology like jQuery animation, websites with animated content are growing in popularity. These scripts allow you to make your site more than only a place to read printed text. They also permit interaction between the user (and elements on the page) that was previously limited by the capabilities of images.

The web is becoming more interactive. Your website can be made more engaging by using pages that transition, slide information panels, or basic animations. This is a fantastic method to liven up your site without having to stick to the outdated 1990s look. The more interaction on your site can bring traffic to websites that generate income, which may lead to a greater per visit value (RPV).


Many companies are now making use of the HTML5 video tag to secure their websites and keep them online. With more platforms available for video content hosting (including streaming), businesses can manage this task better than ever before. Using these tags allows video content from companies to seamlessly integrate with their website and gives them more options of players.

Video Backgrounds

With video backgrounds in the ascendancy they can be used to your advantage and boost engagement with customers. They can increase conversion rates by providing more details than traditional images. Furthermore, videos are easy to read for people who may not be able to read the text.

Backgrounds in video are a great way to increase brand recognition and increase return visits. It can be useful for any kind of content. This includes videos for marketing and eCommerce strategies.

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